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After 7 - Ready or Not

After 7 - Ready or Not\r
I'll give the sun\r
The Rain\r
The Moon\r
The Stars and The Mountains\r
I'll give you the world\r
And all that you wish for\r
And even more\r
Girl I love you more than you could know\r
And that's for sure\r
I'd climb the highest hill\r
Cross the widest sea\r
Nothin could discourage me\r
And I pray that you will be\r
Always there for me\r
Forever more\r
Ready or not**\r
I'll give you everything\r
and more\r
All that I've got--it's yours\r
I'll give you everything\r
All that you're looking for\r
I'll give you my heart\r
My soul\r
my time\r
My love is a fountain\r
I will be your earth\r
And all that you need for\r
and even more\r
Cause girl I love you more than words can show\r
My love is pure\r
I'll walk a thousand miles\r
Sail a thousand seas\r
Nothin will discourage me\r
And I pray that you will be\r
Always there for me\r
Forever more\r
Repeat Chorus** 3x
BWCity YouTube : Remember this was on The Wood. Instantly loved it.
Irshad Azeez : So badass.
Jill Testa : 2021 Love this song! This is great music.
Joshua Wiley : 2021 it's still lighting Fires
Sebastian Gray : I never listened to this song until I got older I missed out on so much


Phasmophobia Highlights Take 7

Here we have some Highlights from my Phasmophobia Streams on Twitch

if you like them and wanna see me life
follow me on twitch at

Souluna End Melody - KLoZet

Special Thanks to Mr.Muffin for the Video Edit (Discord: Mr.Muffin#3228)
Feel free to commission him!




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